How to Put in Hearing Aids? Step-by-Step Guide

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Hearing aids can significantly enhance the quality of life for individuals experiencing hearing loss. However, their effectiveness largely depends on how well they are placed and maintained. Properly inserting and removing hearing aids is crucial for comfort, functionality, and longevity. 

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of putting in hearing aids and offer tips for placement and removal.


How to Put In Hearing Aids?

  1. Prepare Your Hearing Aids: Before inserting your hearing aids, ensure they are clean and free from debris or moisture. Check the battery to ensure it has enough power for use.
  2. Choose the Correct Ear: Identify the correct hearing aid for each ear. Most hearing aids are labeled with an “R” for the right ear and an “L” for the left ear.
  3. Position the Hearing Aid: Hold the hearing aid with the appropriate hand, ensuring the microphone is facing forward. Gently grip the device between your thumb and index finger.
  4. Insertion: With your other hand, gently pull your earlobe downward to open the ear canal. Slowly and carefully insert the hearing aid into your ear canal, ensuring not to force it. It should fit snugly but comfortably.
  5. Secure Placement: Once inserted, gently push the hearing aid into place until it feels secure. It should sit flush with your ear and not protrude.
  6. Perform a Check: After inserting both hearing aids, check quickly to ensure they work properly. Adjust the volume if necessary.


Tips for Placing and Removing Hearing Aids


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  • Use a Mirror: If you’re having trouble inserting your hearing aids, try using a mirror to guide you. This can help you visualize the process and ensure proper placement.
  • Be Gentle: Always handle your hearing aids with care. Avoid pushing or forcing them into your ear canal, which can cause discomfort or damage.
  • Practice Patience: It may take some time to get used to inserting and removing your hearing aids. Be patient with yourself and practice regularly to improve your technique.
  • Keep Them Clean: Regularly clean your hearing aids to prevent wax buildup and maintain optimal performance. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Seek Assistance if Needed: If you’re struggling to insert or remove your hearing aids, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from a healthcare professional or audiologist. They can provide guidance and support to ensure proper usage.


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