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Hearing care is a vital part of maintaining good overall health, and that’s what Great Hearing Benefits can offer your health plan, company, union, or other organization. We’ll partner with you to offer savings on award-winning hearing aid products and technology to fit all lifestyles and needs.

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How Untreated Hearing Loss Can Affect Work

Hearing loss is a surprisingly common health condition, affecting approximately 1 in 8 Americans.¹ According to research by the Better Hearing Institute, roughly 60% of Americans with hearing loss are in the workforce.²

Numerous studies have linked untreated hearing loss to increased worker absenteeism and reduced workplace productivity. In addition, those with unaided hearing loss earned on average $20,000 less annually than those with treated hearing loss.³

Patient Satisfaction Is Our Priority

At Great Hearing Benefits, we work hard to provide the best customer service. By measuring our Net Promoter Score (NPS) at the Provider – Patient level, we’re able to continually improve the customer experience. Our hearing care providers consistently score in the 70’s— meaning patients love their experience and refer their friends and family to us. Starting at their first hearing screening, a patient will receive ongoing care and protection for the life of their hearing aids. We can offer patients one of the most comprehensive hearing care programs available in the nation. No other company delivers like us on that commitment.


Great Hearing Benefits has received accolades for customer service, technology and product innovation. We are a proud recipient of the following awardsᶧ:

Silver Winner 2021
Big innovation Award
ᶧAwards won for GN Hearing technology and service
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