What Are the Main Types of Hearing Aid Accessories?

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types of hearing aid accessories

Hearing aids are incredible devices that help individuals with hearing loss reconnect with the world around them. However, to maximize the effectiveness and comfort of these devices, many users rely on hearing aid accessories. These accessories not only enhance the performance of hearing aids but also cater to various needs and lifestyles. 

In this article, we’ll explore the main types of hearing aid accessories available today.


Types of Hearing Aid Accessories

1. Batteries

Hearing aid batteries are essential for powering your device. They come in different sizes, typically ranging from size 10 to size 675, to accommodate various models and styles of hearing devices. Users must choose the right battery size recommended by their audiologist or hearing healthcare professional to ensure optimal performance. Keep extra batteries in your hearing aid carrying case in case of emergencies. 

2. Battery Chargers

Battery chargers are indispensable accessories for rechargeable hearing devices. They provide a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to disposable batteries. Users can simply place their hearing devices in the charger overnight, ensuring they’re powered up and ready to go the next day. If you like to charge on the go, you can opt for a portable hearing aid charger.

3. Cleaning Kits

Maintaining hearing aids’ cleanliness is vital for their longevity and performance. Cleaning kits typically include brushes, picks, and wipes designed to remove the devices’ wax, debris, and moisture. Regular cleaning extends the lifespan of hearing devices, prevents ear infections, and ensures clear sound transmission.

4. Domes and Tips

Domes and tips are small silicone or foam attachments that fit onto the end of the hearing aid tubing or receiver. They come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different ear canal sizes and shapes. Domes and tips improve comfort and help maintain a secure fit, preventing feedback and improving sound quality.


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5. Dehumidifiers

Moisture is the enemy of hearing devices as it can damage delicate components and compromise performance. Dehumidifiers are accessories designed to remove excess moisture from hearing devices overnight, preserving their functionality and reliability. Some dehumidifiers also incorporate UV-C light to sanitize the devices, keeping them hygienic and bacteria-free.

6. Remote Controls

Remote controls allow users to adjust the settings and volume of their hearing devices discreetly and conveniently. These accessories are particularly beneficial for individuals with dexterity issues or who prefer not to fiddle with tiny buttons on their devices. With remote controls, users can make real-time adjustments to suit different listening environments and preferences.

7. Bluetooth Streamers

Bluetooth streamers enable users to wirelessly connect their hearing devices to audio devices such as smartphones, TVs, and computers. This technology allows for seamless streaming of phone calls, music, and audio to the hearing devices, enhancing the overall listening experience. Bluetooth streamers also offer compatibility with assistive listening devices, making communication easier in challenging situations.


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