Understanding hearing loss

Understanding Hearing Loss

Did you know the most common causes of hearing loss are aging and noise-induced hearing damage? Other possible causes include ear infections, genetics, certain medications, tinnitus, and various health conditions.

Priotize Your Hearing Health

Don't wait to make your hearing a priority. Ignoring hearing loss can affect all areas of life, impacting everything from relationships with friends and family to your overall health and wellness.

The good news is the symptoms of hearing loss are usually treatable with today's comfortable, easy-to-use hearing aids.

Letting hearing loss go
Hearing Loss Affecting Work - Truck Driver​

How Untreated Hearing Loss Can Affect Your Work

Hearing loss is a surprisingly common health condition, affecting approximately 1 in 8 Americans.¹ According to research by the Better Hearing Institute, roughly 60% of Americans with hearing loss are in the workforce.²

Numerous studies have linked untreated hearing loss to increased worker absenteeism and reduced workplace productivity. In addition, those with unaided hearing loss earned on average $20,000 less annually than those with treated hearing loss.³

There are major long-term consequences with untreated hearing loss. Hearing loss can be linked to fatigue, stress and/or depression; impaired memory and ability to learn new tasks; plus reduced alertness. This cognitive decline can lead to reduced productivity in the workplace.

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