Hearing aid in hand - Hearing aids and accessories

Hearing Aids and Accessories

No matter what level of hearing loss you have, and no matter how noisy your environment may be, you can be empowered to hear what matters the most to you. We offer hearing aids with advanced technology at all price ranges, with substantial savings over MSRP.

There Are Three Main Categories of Hearing Aids:

behind the ear style hearing aids

Behind The Ear (BTE)

These models are slightly larger than RIE products and fit comfortably behind the ear. They offer the most power and are appropriate for the entire spectrum of hearing loss, from mild to profound.

Receiver in ear Hearing Aid

Receiver-in-Ear (RIE)

Virtually invisible, RIE, also known as Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) hides behind the ear and connects via a small tube to a tiny speaker in the ear canal. RIE/RIC is designed for mild to severe hearing loss.

custom hearing aids


Featuring some of the smallest styles available, custom hearing aids are made to fit the user’s ear anatomy for exceptional comfort and sound quality. Custom hearing aids are best suited for those with mild to moderate-severe hearing loss.

Finding a Hearing Aid Style

Degree of Hearing Loss

Degree of hearing loss

Any degree of hearing loss can impact the quality of life. Our hearing aids cover all types of hearing loss – from mild to profound.

Lifestyle and Interests

Lifestyle and interests

Is the wearer an avid hiker, a movie buff or a foodie? There are styles that help block out the wind, stream sound directly to a smart device, or easily adjusts in noisy environments.

Personal preferences

Personal preferences

For some people, comfort is king. For others, it’s all about convenience. And, of course, some want the most discreet hearing aid possible. There is a style to suit personal preferences.



Wireless accessories make it easy for hearing aid users to engage and interact in any situation— whether they’re watching television, following a conversation from a distance or talking on the phone. Several rechargeable models also provide 30 hours of battery life on a three-hour charge.

User Apps

Users can connect their hearing aids to a smartphone app to capture clear sounds in noisy environments and to discretely adjust sound levels. Additionally, users can stream calls, music and TV through the available wireless accessories with a simple swipe on the app.